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Frequently Asked Questions

Pick up and return

You are of course always welcome to return your bike earlier when you have finished your adventures on Texel! Please note that the rental remains in force for the originally agreed period, as stated in our rental conditions. There will be no refund if the cycling adventure ends earlier.

To make your stay on Texel as comfortable as possible, our friendly drivers strive to deliver your bicycles to your holiday address before 10:00 am. They will also collect the bicycles before 10:00 am on the day after the last rental day. Unfortunately, due to crowds, they may sometimes arrive a little later.

Simply enter your accommodation location when making your online reservation to see if our free delivery service available to you. With a minimum rental period of just two days you can quickly and easily start exploring the beautiful nature and picturesque villages of our island. Bicycle rental on Texel has never been so convenient!

If the delivery option does not appear for your address, there is a good chance that there is already one of our rental locations at your park or campsite. We have made agreements with some locations on the island to deliver bicycles directly on site, which makes it even easier for you to get on the road quickly. Visit our on-site partner location to access a wide range of bicycles without the need for separate delivery.

Certainly, we also deliver the bicycles to the ferry for larger groups of adventurers who want to explore Texel! Please contact us to discuss group delivery options. We are ready to help you with a smooth start to your group outing on our beautiful island.

To keep everything smooth and organized, we kindly ask you to return the bicycles to the location where you picked them up. Unfortunately, returning it to another location is not possible. This also applies to bicycles delivered by our delivery service; we are happy to pick them up at the same place where we delivered them. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation to make this process efficient!

In order to provide you with the best service and ensure everything runs smoothly, we kindly ask that all our rental items are returned before 6:00 PM on the last day of your rental period. Our rental day runs from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM, so you can enjoy your day on Texel to the fullest. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping everything on time and in excellent condition for the next avid island explorers!

You can pick up and return your bicycle with us within our opening hours, which have been specially adapted to offer you as much convenience as possible. We kindly ask you to return the bike before closing time so that we can prepare it for our next guests. For the most current opening hours, please visit our website. This way you can plan exactly how to get the most out of your cycling day on Texel!

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Cancel and change

Just as Ibiza does not offer refunds for rainy days, we unfortunately cannot offer free cancellations when the weather on Texel lets us down. We can assure you of quality bicycles, friendly service, a wide range and plenty of cycling fun. However, weather conditions are beyond our control. We advise you to be prepared for all scenarios and invite you to make every weather type a unique adventure. Texel is ready to be discovered, whether the sun shines or the rain falls!

Of course you can cancel your reservation with us. We apply flexible terms and conditions, which you can find in detail in our general terms and conditions. Here is a brief overview of the possible cancellation costs depending on the time of cancellation:

  • Up to 30 days before the rental day: only the deposit (maximum 10% of the rental amount)
  • From 30 to 7 days before the rental day: 30% of the rental amount
  • From 7 to 3 days before the rental day: 50% of the rental amount
  • From 3 days to 1 day before the rental day: 90% of the rental amount
  • Less than 1 day before the rental day: the full rental amount

To avoid unexpected costs and to offer you more flexibility, we have the 'Cycling on Texel Guarantees Package'. This package covers cancellation fees, so you can make your reservation without worry. For a small additional fee, this package gives you the freedom to remain flexible even as your plans change.

To ensure accuracy and avoid any misunderstandings, we kindly request that you communicate cancellations by email only. We understand that this may mean an extra step, but it allows us to process everything correctly and efficiently. You can send your cancellation request to email address, which you can find on our contact page. We assure you that we handle every cancellation with the utmost care.

For more details about our cancellation policy and the Guarantees package, we invite you to visit our website. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and ensure that your experience on Texel is as pleasant as possible!

To ensure that we can help everyone as best as possible, it is currently not possible to change reservations directly online. We understand that plans may change and we want to remain flexible for our customers.

If you need to change your reservation, please send us an email. Although we cannot guarantee that every change is possible, we will do our utmost to find a suitable solution. We are working hard on updating our booking system to make this process easier in the future.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we make these improvements. Your satisfaction and a smooth experience on Texel are of great importance to us!

Damage and theft

If something unexpected happens during your cycling adventures, such as damage or if your bike unexpectedly goes missing, please let us know as soon as possible. We are ready to help you! In the rare event of theft, please return the original bicycle key to our rental location and report it to the police. A copy of the official report helps us enormously. Together we ensure that your holiday on Texel is carefree.

Don't worry if you have lost your bicycle key, we are happy to help you! Please contact us as soon as possible on 0222-316432. We charge €15 for a replacement key for a regular bicycle and €25 for an e-bike. We ensure that you can get back on the road quickly with minimal interruption to your cycling fun on Texel!

If you experience damage during your bike ride on Texel, your safety is our greatest concern. Call us immediately on 0222-316432. We are ready to help you and ensure that your experience on our beautiful island is as pleasant as possible. Your personal circumstances are the most important thing to us. Contact us for fast support and excellent service, so that you can continue to enjoy your cycling adventure on Texel without any worries.

If you notice any unexpected damage to your bicycle, please contact us immediately on 0222-316432. We will assist you to find a solution quickly and efficiently. If the damage was not caused intentionally, we will exchange your bicycle so that you can continue your exploration of our beautiful Texel. For damage that has been caused intentionally, the repair costs are borne by the tenant, but with our security package you can cover these costs. This way you can travel with peace of mind!

Cycling on Texel involves carefree exploration, which is why we offer a 'breakdown' service. If something unexpected happens to your bike, we are ready! A simple call to 0222-316432 is enough and we will ensure that we are on site quickly to exchange your bicycle. This way you can continue your journey across our beautiful island without much delay!

And don't worry, our service has almost no breaks: we are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Outside these times we also take naps, so make sure you stay within our 'awake hours' for help along the way. This way you are always assured of help, even around the clock


You can easily find our rental conditions by clicking on the 'Practical' tab on our website. We ensure that all our terms and conditions are clear and understandable, so you know exactly what to expect. We are here to make your experience on Texel as pleasant as possible! For direct access to our rental conditions, follow this link rental conditions. Discover everything you need for a carefree cycling experience on our beautiful island.

With us you will find a wealth of bicycles for every kind of adventurer on Texel! You can reserve everything that is available directly via our website. If it is the case that your desired bicycle type can no longer be booked, we always have a wide range of alternatives available. We'll make sure you don't miss out! For help choosing the perfect alternative or if you would like to know more, our chat function is at your disposal. Our team is happy to help you find the ideal cycling match for your Texel outing!

Discover Texel without borders with our e-bikes! Depending on factors such as your weight, the surface, weather conditions, and the selected assistance mode, you can drive between 50 and 60 km on a single battery charge. In addition, you receive a charger with every e-bike, so you can easily charge the battery, whether you are on the road or relaxing in your holiday home. This way you are always ready for the next part of your adventure. For more information about our e-bikes and the freedom they offer, visit our website. Ride further, experience more and enjoy your time on Texel to the max with our electric bikes!

Your adventure on Texel starts with our user-friendly electric bicycles! You will find the charger for your e-bike in the bicycle bag that comes with the bicycle. To charge the battery, first connect the plug to the socket and then connect it to the bicycle battery.

Texel is the destination for cycling enthusiasts and offers countless options to charge your e-bike. Many catering establishments on the island welcome cyclists and offer facilities to charge your bike's battery while you enjoy a well-deserved break. Moreover, Cycling on Texel works with more than 50 partners where you can also charge your e-bike. You will find all these handy charging points indicated on the free bicycle map that you receive from us.

Discover Texel at your own pace and enjoy the freedom that our electric bicycles offer, with the certainty that a charging point is never far away!

To be sure that a rental bicycle is available, we recommend that you make a reservation via our website. When booking online you can see whether the rental bike you want is still available. When you enter the desired rental period, the bicycles that are available at that time will be listed. This way you are also assured of a rental bicycle during your visit to Texel. In the comments field with the reservations you cannot make any adjustments to the type, size or other type of bicycle, etc. What is available for the reservations can be reserved. If a type of bicycle can no longer be booked, it is therefore not available.

Additional options

The 'Cycling on Texel Security Package' offers you complete peace of mind during your bicycle rental period, for only 10% of the total rental costs. This package starts immediately at the start of your rental period and offers continuous security until the rental contract ends, when you return the bicycle.

By choosing this package, you may save on unexpected expenses as it provides protection against theft and damage for the entire rental period. You pay the amount easily and securely in one go, both online and in our store.

Invest in peace of mind with our Guarantees package and enjoy your cycling adventures on Texel without any worries!

Discover the island with peace of mind thanks to our 'Cycling on Texel Certainty Package'! From the start of your rental period to the end, this package covers you against theft and damage, so you can fully concentrate on the beauty of Texel.

Do you want to cancel? No problem! If you cancel at least 48 hours in advance, you will receive a full refund of the rental price.

Still damage to the bicycle? We've got it covered, even if it was your own fault.

And in the case of theft? You are fully covered without any deductible. Please note: this coverage only applies if the bicycle was properly locked and you can produce the keys.

If you have a breakdown along the way, we are there for you during our opening hours to assist you as soon as possible.

And if we cannot solve the problem immediately, we will provide suitable alternative transport. This way nothing stands in the way of your cycling experience!

We focus on a wide range of bikes to meet your needs, but for duo bikes or custom bikes we work with our valued partner, Vermeulen Bikes. They are the experts in this field and have an extensive range to fully relieve you of your worries. You can purchase these special bicycles with confidence Vermeulen Bikes justifiably.

Cycling on Texel with your four-legged friend? Which can! Choose a dog cart, perfect for dogs up to 45 kg with a spacious interior size of 80 x 55 x 62 cm, or explore the island in style with our electric cargo bike from Urban Arrow. This cargo bike, equipped with a powerful mid-motor, is ideal for comfortably transporting your dog and has a range of approximately 60 km, depending on various factors such as weight, surface, intensity of use and weather conditions.

For smaller dogs we also offer cozy dog baskets that can be attached to the back of the bicycle. Please note: the dog carts, cargo bikes and dog baskets are only available in combination with a rental bike from us. This way you are always assured of a perfect match and a wonderful cycling experience for you and your dog!

It is important that your dog is used to riding in a cart or basket. If your four-legged friend doesn't like it that much—maybe he suffers from a bit of 'cycling phobia' or he is just more of a walk type. Our golden tip: first rent the bike for two days and if all goes well, you can always extend it for more cycling fun together!

Absolutely, we offer a wide range of accessories that can make your cycling experience on Texel even more enjoyable! You can rent seats, bicycle bags and dog baskets from us in combination with one of our rental bicycles. For extra convenience, our electric bicycles are equipped with bicycle bags as standard, ideal for taking the battery charger with you.

Our child seats, which can be attached to both the front and the back of the bicycle (on an E-bike only on the back), offer a safe way to take children along. A front seat is suitable for children up to 15 kg and a rear seat can carry a weight of up to 25 kg.

Our reservation system automatically takes into account which accessories can be combined with which bicycles, so that you are assured of a safe and suitable combination. All accessories must always be rented in combination with a rental bicycle.

Do you have any questions or do you need help choosing the right accessories? Let us know so you can enjoy your time on the island worry-free!


Although we don't have children's e-bikes in our range, we do offer fantastic electric fat bikes that are perfect for teenagers! These fat bikes are relatively low and therefore ideal for younger cyclists. Not only are they fully compliant with legislation and regulations, but they are also super cool for exploring campsites and holiday parks. A great way for teenagers to discover the island in style!

Yes, we certainly have children's mountain bikes in our range! Our children's mountain bikes are available from 24 inches, perfect for young adventurers ready to hit the trails. And for adults we have mountain bikes in sizes from XS (suitable for heights of 1.50 to 1.55 meters) to XL (for lengths of 1.90 meters and longer). So whether you are small or large, everyone can enjoy our beautiful ATB path on Texel together. Go out with the whole family and experience the excitement and beauty of mountain biking together!

For the young adventurers we have children's bicycles available from 16 inches, perfect for children with a height of 106 cm or more. This way we ensure that even the smallest cyclists can enjoy cycling fun on Texel comfortably and safely!

Discover Texel in a comfortable and safe way together with your baby! Our modern electric cargo bikes are fully equipped with Maxi-Cosi adapters, so that even the little ones under 9 months can enjoy your bike ride. All cargo bikes are specially designed to transport your little one safely and comfortably. In addition, the cargo bike has room for two extra children on the bench, ideal for a family outing.

These bikes are exclusively electric, which means you can effortlessly enjoy the beautiful landscapes that Texel has to offer, even on longer rides. Reserve your cargo bike easily and quickly via our online booking module and ensure yourself of an unforgettable experience on our beautiful island!


Don't worry if you haven't booked in advance! You are always welcome to visit one of our branches where we will be happy to help you with the bicycles available at that time. If you cannot find your ideal bicycle directly with us, our affiliated partners are also ready to help you.

For your convenience, our branch locations and opening hours can be found on our website. You can come by at any time and we will be happy to help you get in the saddle and explore Texel as quickly as possible. We ensure that you always find a suitable bicycle, so that your adventure on Texel is unforgettable!

Certainly, to ensure that you can immediately start your cycling adventures on Texel, we recommend that you reserve your bicycle in advance. This not only guarantees that the bike you want is available when you arrive, but also allows us to serve you faster. Reservations are easy via our user-friendly website, where you can immediately choose from a wide range of bicycles and accessories.

Planning ahead means less waiting time and more time on the bike, enjoying everything Texel has to offer. Visit our website today to secure your ideal bike and discover our beautiful island routes and breathtaking landscapes. For a carefree experience, reserve your bike at Cycling on Texel!

Although we love a good chat, unfortunately we cannot accept reservations via telephone or email. We would like to avoid any misunderstandings and ensure that your payment is safe and smooth. In addition, we need some specific information from you that you may not immediately have at hand.

That's why we've made our reservation process completely online. This not only ensures an error-free experience, but also gives you the freedom to move through the options at your own pace, at any time that suits you. Visit our website to choose your perfect bike and start your adventure on Texel. It's fast, simple and safe! So, now on to the website for some clicking and booking fun!

Start your adventure on Texel with a few clicks! You can make a reservation with us up to at least 2 days before the start date, so that we are guaranteed to have the perfect bike ready for you. Reservations for longer periods are also possible via our user-friendly online booking module.

If you spontaneously decide that you need a bicycle today, tomorrow or just for one day, you can go to one of our branches. We are happy to help you here based on available stock.

Making an online reservation is very simple: click on 'Online reservation' on our homepage. You will then be redirected to our booking system where you can follow the steps to complete your booking. This way you will quickly be ready to discover Texel on two wheels!


For your convenience and security, payments for your bicycle reservation are processed during step 3 of the reservation process. It is important to note that the available payment methods may vary depending on the holiday park or rental company you make your booking with. This ensures that we can meet the specific requirements of each booking platform.

Please ensure that your payment is completed at the time of booking, as without payment received we cannot confirm and process your booking. We are ready to help you with a smooth and safe booking, so that you can quickly enjoy your cycling adventure on Texel!

Den Burg
Monday – Saturday: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday: 10am to 6pm

De Cocksdorp
Monday – Saturday: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday: 10am to 6pm

De Koog
Monday – Saturday: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Closed on Sundays

Cycling on Texel (De Koog)
Monday – Saturday: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday: 10am to 6pm

Discover the best bike rental on Texel with our convenient locations spread across the island! Two of our branches are located in De Koog, one of the most lively villages on Texel, ideally located for your cycling adventures. Our main branch, Fietsen Op Texel, can be found on the Nikadel, right next to the gas station and opposite the Jumbo – perfect for picking up a bike before exploring the charming streets of De Koog. In addition, our branch Van der Linde De Koog is happy to welcome you for all your cycling needs.

For visitors in other parts of the island, we also offer service points in Den Burg and De Cocksdorp. Our branch in Den Burg is centrally located at Parkstraat 14, right in the heart of the village, while our Van der Linde De Cocksdorp branch is conveniently located in Kikkertstraat, next to Bakker Timmer.

Whether you're looking for a traditional bike, an e-bike or something more adventurous like a fat bike, we have the perfect solution for you. Explore Texel on two wheels and experience the freedom and fun that cycling offers. Look no further than Cycling on Texel for all your bicycle rental needs in De Koog and beyond. Book online today or visit one of our branches and start your Texel cycling adventure!


Breakdown and repair service

For reservations, availability and changes to reservations, please email: [email protected]

Breakdown and repair service

For reservations, availability and changes to reservations, please email: [email protected]

Opening hours & depots